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Re: Some (little) problems about contributing to the translation of guix

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: Some (little) problems about contributing to the translation of guix-manual
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 15:17:44 -0400
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Le 29 octobre 2020 14:32:58 GMT-04:00, Hubert Lombard 
<> a écrit :
>Hi, Miguel and help-guix!
>My .po file was accepted by the robot :-)

Actually, I just had a look at the file you created. There are multiple issues 
with it. Remember that the text is in texinfo format, so anything of the form 
@command{content} is a texinfo command. If you translate it, it might have 
unexpected effects (not able to compile, …).

For instance, I see you translated @value{VERSION} (which is a command that 
dereferences a texinfo variable and replaces it with its value, eg. 1.2.0) by 
@valeur{VERSION}. @valeur is not a valid texinfo command :)

There's a command that has been completely removed and all that's left is a 
lonely {--gc-keep-derivations}. And similar stuff :)

Additionnaly, (and I should have told you earlier), you should not translate 
the @pxref, @xref and @ref commands yourself, as this is done automatically 
afterwards. This ensures that we don't get in trouble if a title is changed (or 
its translation), because texinfo is really picky when it comes to making links.

Right now, I see two different capitalisations of the French title, and none of 
tgem is the same as the actual title, which is an error.

If you're not working on that file right now, I can take care of fixing these 
issues and give you control over the file again tomorrow morning. If you prefer 
to fix the file yourself, can you ping me (roptat) on IRC? I can guide you 
through the process of building the manual, so you can see and fix the issues.


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