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Re: Help with .deb, .rpm and guix packaging.

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: Help with .deb, .rpm and guix packaging.
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2020 08:10:17 -0400
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Le 29 octobre 2020 12:34:58 GMT-04:00, Aniket Patil <> 
a écrit :
>There are GNU/Linux distros which are Debian-based or fedora(Redhat)
>etc. What I know to my knowledge is GNU packages are .tar packages with
>.deb and .rpm file format, am I right? What I am wondering about how
>makes it happen? I mean are we bypassing the process of making the
>in .deb and .rpm format and releasing it, or what exactly are we doing?
>my knowledge, we are building from source code as we can see in the
>So that means we are bypassing the process of making packages
>for the distro, aren't we?

Archives of packages are useful for *sharing* an already-built package. If you 
look at Gentoo for instance, the package manager builds everything from source, 
so it doesn't need to handle an archive format.

Guix is the same, but has two facets. First, building jocally means you don't 
need an archive format such as deb or rpm, because you download the sources, 
build locally, and install directly. If you allow substitutes, guix will 
download them from a build farm. In that case, the download requires some sort 
of archive, and we use the nar archive format (same as nix).

In theory, we could use the .deb or .rpm format to share our packages, but they 
have their own specificities that don't align well with guix assumptions.

The role of Guix is to be a separate package manager. We do not produce .deb or 
.rpm, but store paths, which are another way of managing packages. When 
installed on top of a foreign distro, you could say we bypass the system's 
package manager entirely. This allows us to be independent from the distro and 
run in any environment, whether it's rpm-based, deb-based, or something else.

>Where can I learn more about this? I am going through guix manual but I
>don't know which chapter to look for. Also, where can I learn more
>packaging software on GNU/Linux distribution? Like .deb or .rpm

Since each distribution uses its own process, you need to look at their 
respective documentation.

For Guix, the manual is the reference, though it might be confusing because it 
is quite detailled. If your goal is to understand the internals and how guix 
installs software, I recommend reading these sections:


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