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What are you chroot battle stories?

From: elaexuotee
Subject: What are you chroot battle stories?
Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2020 11:20:39 +0900
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Hey Guix,

Chatting on #guix, I heard that running Guix in a chroot was an "open problem."
Somehow, I seem to have stumbled into the right setup and managed to get it
working without any issues.

The channel asked me to write a blog post detailing what I did, so I'd like to
do it justice and first collect your battle stories. Have you tried and failed
to run guix in a chroot? How did you set up the chroot? What exactly failed?

Of course, if you have *success* stories, I'd like to hear those as well!

Your input will help me flesh out my ideas into a full technical article.


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