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Re: Avoiding PYTHONPATH - latest?

From: 宋文武
Subject: Re: Avoiding PYTHONPATH - latest?
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 2020 19:06:57 +0800
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Phil <> writes:
>> I've been having an argument with myself over the last 4 days about if
>> Guix's use of PYTHONPATH is a necessary evil or avoidable on a foreign OS.
>> I've found references to a similar discussion last year, and reference
>> to using a 'fake virtual environment' (does anyone have a reference to
>> the other thread referenced where fake venvs are demonstrated as not
>> working):

I remembered did that too, I think it works in most cases.

>> I had what I think is a similar idea over the weekend and tried it out.
>> Reading the mechanics of venvs as per PEP:
>> I decided to see if I added a fake pyvenv.cfg to the python.scm package
>> could allow for us to drop the use of PYTHONPATH completely.

I had came up with adding another environment variable

But didn’t made it in, feel free take it if useful, thanks!

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