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Re: ebook reader recommendations?

From: Timotej Lazar
Subject: Re: ebook reader recommendations?
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 2020 11:04:08 +0100


Pierre Neidhardt <> [2020-12-03 09:58:22+0100]:
> I'm looking for an open ebook reader, at least something that runs free
> software.

I’m happy with my Kobo Glo. By default it has a pretty hackable Linux
install with a proprietary UI, but it’s possible to run koreader¹ on it,
and even compile the kernel & uboot yourself². It does need some
firmware blobs for initializing the display, but other than that it can
run with just free software (except for wi-fi).

Unforunately the chipset is not supported in the mainstream kernel, so
it’s limited to the ancient 2.6.something kernel released by Kobo, which
does not work with the newer glibcs. I did manage to get Alpine running
on it with musl. Newer Kobo models are available and apparently just as
hackable, so that might be worth checking out.


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