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Re: ebook reader recommendations?

From: Benjamin Slade
Subject: Re: ebook reader recommendations?
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 2020 09:48:12 -0700
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For hardware, I too have found Kobo hardware pretty decent - they're fairly hackable and are well supported by third-party open/free software. The Remarkable tablets are also supposed to be pretty hackable, but they're a bit pricey and I have no direct experience here.

For software, I really like Koreader - - it works really well on eink devices (as well as Android tablets and even, to a certain extent, desktop linux).


On 2020-12-03T01:58:22-0700, Pierre Neidhardt <> wrote:

> Hi Guixers!

> I'm looking for an open ebook reader, at least something that > runs free
> software.

> I found this fascinating project, although for now you have to > assemble
> it yourself:


> More conventionally, I found this one, although it seems to be > hard to
> find on the market:


> Any recommendations, anyone?

> Cheers!

> -- > Pierre Neidhardt

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