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Re: Trouble packaging a ruby dependency

From: Holger Peters
Subject: Re: Trouble packaging a ruby dependency
Date: Sat, 5 Dec 2020 08:05:16 +0100


sorry I should have updated on this question.

After some more time investigating the issue I found that libgit2 was in an 
outdated version and I submitted a patch to bump the version 

That’s why the build now succeeds.

I have submitted ruby-rugged for addition to guix here


> Am 05.12.2020 um 01:04 schrieb Leo Famulari <>:
> On Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 10:41:08PM +0100, Holger Peters wrote:
>> I have problems building `ruby-rugged'. The patch below is as far as I get,
>> however it fails with an error message I cannot quite debug. Maybe part of
>> the
>> problem is that `ruby-rugged' bundls libgit and I try to have it use the
>> system-provided on.
>> +(define-public ruby-rugged
> I added your package based on Guix Git commit
> 86d635b85035086d21c319f31f628761df5c82e5 (gnu: ruby-regexp-parser:
> Update to 2.0.0.), and it built fine for me on x86_64.
> I'm not sure what went wrong, but please try again. If it still does not
> work, please let us know :)

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