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Re: NAS drive

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: Re: NAS drive
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 2020 19:46:22 +0100

Roy Lemmon 写道:
Sorry but it's been a long day ...

Here too :-)

I have to specify the nfs package don't I ?

The ‘NFS package’ in

 (file-append nfs-utils "/sbin/mount.nfs")

is nfs-utils, which is a variable defined in the (gnu packages nfs) Guile module.

As you note, modules need to be imported first, which is what

(use-modules (gnu packages nfs))
(use-service-modules desktop networking ssh xorg mail)

does. This is the correct variant for your use case: you care only about the package which provides mount.nfs to clients, not about the server which is what (gnu services nfs) provides.

Aside: the above snippet is completely equivalent to both:

 (use-modules (gnu packages nfs))
 (use-modules (gnu services desktop)
              (gnu services networking)
              (gnu services ssh)
              (gnu services xorg)
              (gnu services mail))


 (use-package-modules nfs)
 (use-service-modules desktop networking ssh xorg mail)

USE-{PACKAGE,SERVICE}-MODULES is Guix-specific syntactic sugar that saves a lot of space and typing when you're importing many package & service modules, as most people do.

Kind regards,


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