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Re: Cannot write to /boot directory No space left

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: Re: Cannot write to /boot directory No space left
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2020 22:04:45 +0100


znavko--- via 写道:
Cannot write to /boot directory No space left

You got lost. This has nothing to do with a ‘/boot directory’, or how it's mounted. The bug is in your hardware.

 Could not prepare Boot variable: No space left on device
/gnu/store/d1i6x7vwr83j1m0zms580mh2dqgx1s6m-grub-efi-2.04/sbin/grub-install: error: efibootmgr failed to register the boot entry: Input/output error.

Your UEFI NVRAM is full.

This happens on my ThinkPad X230T for unknown reasons. The only ‘solution’ I've found is to delete some unused default boot entries so GRUB can add one for Guix.

I have a script that deletes everything except ‘Guix’, ‘ATA‌ HDD0’, ‘USB HDD’, and Important-Looking Things like ‘Setup’:

 $ efibootmgr
 [This will print them all, for example:]
 Boot0001 Lenovo Diagnostics
 Boot0002 ATAPI CD0
 $ sudo efibootmgr --delete-bootnum --bootnum 0001
 $ sudo efibootmgr --delete-bootnum --bootnum 0002

and then rerun grub-install (for example by running ‘guix system reconfigure’ again).

Kind regards,


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