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Re: Racket (require gregor)

From: yasu
Subject: Re: Racket (require gregor)
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2020 21:15:43 +0900
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(Resending, my html email keeps failing... Is this mailing list
automatically converting HTML messages to Plain Text or something??)


I am tring to use the gregor package using my Racket  program:

#lang racket(require gregor)

But it fails with fthe ollowing error:

Unable to locate the zoneinfo database on this computer. We searched
for it in the following places:  - /usr/share/zoneinfo  -
/usr/share/lib/zoneinfo  - /etc/zoneinfo

There is a suggestion at:
of installing tzdata.

After installig it with: raco pkg install tzdata,

It did not help (I still get exact same error).

If there are users of
Racket..., would you please try the same and see if it works for you?


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