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Re: guix pull fails because substitution fails

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: guix pull fails because substitution fails
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2020 00:21:56 +0100


On Tue, 15 Dec 2020 at 19:14, Thorsten Wilms <> wrote:

> Didn’t try that: After several days of always the same failure, `guix
> pull` is suddenly working again. So if this comes down to a networking
> issue, I wonder what went wrong for several days that did not affect
> any other service.

Thanks for the report and the feedback.

>> Ouch!  what I was in mind is that you GC time to time and not keep all
>> these versions. :-) For example, “guix pull --delete-generations=6m”
>> to keep only the last 6 months generations.  Then the next “guix gc”
>> will remove all these old generations; well if you never roll-back to
>> them.
> This is a bit embarrasing: I have been using `guix package
> --delete-generations; guix gc --collect-garbage` frequently and up to
> this day did not realize that there’s another “level”, which can be
> dealt with via `guix gc --delete-generations`.

The control is finer. :-) You can type “guix package --list-profiles”
and you should see, at least:


where $HOME is expanded to yours.

Doing “guix package --delete-generations” only acts on the default
profile which is “~/.guix-profile”.  Therefore, you also need to clean
the profile “~/.config/guix/current” where the current Guix commands
live.  It is a regular profile so you can try:

  guix package -p ~/.config/guix/current --list-installed

or --list-generations (could be big in your case).  But because this
profile is the default one and is the one where Guix is pulled in, then
“guix pull” is the subcommand to manipulate it.

All the best,

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