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Re: Full Disk Encryption

From: sullentrapdoor
Subject: Re: Full Disk Encryption
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2020 14:41:45 -0500
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Thank you Joshua!

I appreciate you tracking down the commit (and committer). Searching Mikhail Tsykalov I did not find any way to give him a tip, but I did find a relevant issue that he published.

Guix System in current state can't boot from lvm partition because grub can't find
kernel and initrd. This also applies to systems where /gnu/store is on lvm partition. Grub has lvm support in the form of "lvm" module, but it isn't loaded currently. Making grub config generator emit "insmod lvm" before grub starts accessing stuff on /gnu/store (so immediately after initial commit) will fix this.

I am very new to Guix and Scheme so I am not sure how the aforementioned fixed can be implemented.

On 12/22/20 6:21 PM, Joshua Branson wrote:

Thanks for sharing that LVM support was added to guix!  I had not heard
about that!  That's awesome!  And thanks Mikhail Tsykalov for committing
it!  I'm pretty sure with a name like Mikhail, you have to be a genius.
Am I right?

For the commit message, it looks like LVM support was added on
11/25/2020.  So like, really recently.  It also looks like there has
only been one commit:  The commit to package LVM, which includes the
comment that guix currently doesn't support root-on-LVM.

My intuition tells me that currently guix does not support /root on
LVM.  I suppose it's just a little difficult to get that support set up
at the moment.  But you could always give Mikhail a financial tip to add
LVM /root support!  I'll chip in $5 toward this goal if you do!  Anyone
else that wants this support, feel free to respond with however much you
would donate for this support.

Man this is super cool news!  I've really wanted to play around with LVM
for quite some time now!

Joshua Branson
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enough other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar

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