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EXWM: file or program not found, ls

From: Olivier Rojon
Subject: EXWM: file or program not found, ls
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2020 13:41:19 +0100
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Hello everyone,

I am on GuixSD, using EXWM as my window manager.  Though I really appreciate the way it works, it seems that it does not find many of the programs which are required for emacs to function properly.

I would like to, but cannot:

 * use dmenu and see (recently used) programs
 * open dired in a specific folder
 * open a file
 * use run-geiser / geiser / guile / mit-scheme / ...

On the surface, most of these problems appear to be of the same nature: in many cases, the error message is (translated from german)!

"Searching for program: file or directory not found, $PROGNAME", where $PROGNAME is one of the following:

 * ls (in case of dired)
 * git (open a file)
 * guile (run-geiser / guile)

dmenu is a bit different, because while I can start it just fine via keyboard shortcut, it finds only two programs, "env" and "sh".

I have been asking several times on #guix if anyone can help me, but was not able to successfully put what I was told into practice.

Essentially, I was told to "source /etc/profile". I tried to do that for .bashrc and .profile, but that didnt help, because I dont have similar problems in the command-line/shell, only in emacs.

Then I was told to "source /etc/profile" from a file such as .xinitrc / .xsessions, which I tried but which also didnt work because gdm stayed in place via the system configuration (there has been a helpful HOWTO by Alex Kost, which I might try as well if nothing else helps).

Before writing, I have experimented with the (extra-arguments '("source /etc/profile")) in the (xorg-configuration), but this led my system to not start anymore, so I rolled back.

Any help or pointer is greatly appreciated. I hope I have provided the necessary information, otherwise feel free to ask.

Thank you guys in advance, so far I am stoked by how great a community guix is, and how awesome guix itself is :)



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