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guix time-machine, broken hash in an old package definition, a workaroun

From: Wiktor Żelazny
Subject: guix time-machine, broken hash in an old package definition, a workaround?
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2021 14:22:23 +0100

Hi list,

It appears that the package bundles at CRAN are not stable. The bundle
contents can change, and so its hash. I’ve encountered such a problem
three times, I think, already, so it’s presumably systemic. The latest
(minimal working) example:

$ cat manifest.scm


$ cat channel-specs.scm

(list (channel
        (name 'guix)
        (url "";)

$ guix time-machine --commit=d81fb2ae9443994ae5dd1cb5837276fad63f842c 
--channels=channel-specs.scm -- environment -C --pure --manifest=manifest.scm

Updating channel 'guix' from Git repository at 
downloading from
/sha256 hash mismatch for 
  expected hash: 0g4mi101srjbl17ydb2hl3854m3xj0llj6861lfr30sp08nkqavl
  actual hash:   1c888wrn9xf94lp7w9kjw5l8fnarrkv5pi1px5rfnybm1qlysdx5
hash mismatch for store item 
build of /gnu/store/ixqarfdy375cqwkwgvm9z8cadw87f6gg-foreign_0.8-75.tar.gz.drv 
View build log at 
cannot build derivation 
`/gnu/store/vx9187mcdj041sr76bivzbnggr6ajm4q-r-foreign-0.8-75.drv': 1 
dependencies couldn't be built
guix environment: error: build of 
`/gnu/store/vx9187mcdj041sr76bivzbnggr6ajm4q-r-foreign-0.8-75.drv' failed

I tried

. adding another channel with r-foreign redefined in hope that the one in guix
would get masked

. adding --with-input=r-foreign=r-foreign-redefined (the latter defined
in another channel)

. adding -L to the environment (also to time-machine) pointing to a
directory with r-foreign redefined

. an inferior

These attempts were either ignored by guix or resulted in

guix time-machine: error: got unexpected path `Backtrace:' from substituter

Is there a recommended way to deal with such a situation? Thank you for
taking a look.


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