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Re: Behaviour change when closing laptop lid: it no longer suspends

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: Re: Behaviour change when closing laptop lid: it no longer suspends
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2021 18:44:37 +0100


Maxim Cournoyer 写道:
Shouldn't that be the default behavior though?

That's subjective. I don't think we should ever editorialise if that's what you mean: Guix service configuration wrappers should strictly wrap, not tweak defaults on a (majority) whim.

However, here our wrapping is wrong. Thanks for making me look into it.

From upstream's change log:

 The action that elogind takes when the lid is closed and the
 machine is connected to external power can now be configured
 using HandleLidSwitchExternalPower= in logind.conf. Previously,
 this action was determined by HandleLidSwitch=, and, for
 backwards compatibility, is still is, if
 HandleLidSwitchExternalPower= is not explicitly set.

Whilst we:

   (handle-action elogind-handle-lid-switch-external-power))

always ‘explicitly set’ HandleLidSwitchExternalPower, by default to ‘ignore’, breaking that intention.

elogind-handle-lid-switch-external-power should not emit a directive if unset. In fact, all directives and all services should do that by default, *not* hard-code upstream's default at an arbitrary point in time.

Unfortunately most do, making subtle bugs like these more likely.

Like Pierre, I'm also certain that the default behavior was changed at
some point.

I didn't find any evidence for this in the commit log but didn't search exhaustively.

Kind regards,


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