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Re: How to remove guix

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: How to remove guix
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2021 15:15:58 -0500
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Le 14 janvier 2021 08:34:33 GMT-05:00, Mick Sulley <> a écrit :
>I am having real problems with Unison, I installed via Guix and it is 
>not working so I want to remove it and try with an apt install.
>I have run
>     guix package -r unison
>and it seems to work, I have also installed unison with
>     sudo apt install unison
>and that seemed to work as well but then I see
>mick@holly:~$ unison -version
>-bash: /home/mick/.guix-profile/bin/unison: No such file or directory
>so it is looking for the guix version and not seeing the standard apt 
>install.  So
>1) How can I get it to look for the standard version rather than the 
>guix version

I think your issue is that bash keeps a cache of binary locations. You can try 
in a new terminal, or after running "hash unison" (no output if all goes well). 
Then you should be able to run the unison from apt.

>2) How can I remove guix completely?  I have searched on-line and
>see anything on this.

You should remove /gnu, /var/guix, ~/.guix-profile and ~/.config/guix. Possibly 
some symlinks from /usr/local too.

>My PATH is
>mick@holly:~$ echo $PATH

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