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Re: Does Guix provide security support for Python2? For how long?

From: Jorge P . de Morais Neto
Subject: Re: Does Guix provide security support for Python2? For how long?
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2021 15:28:29 -0300


Em [2021-01-15 sex 19:17:41+0100], dario escreveu:

> I don't know the answer to your question and you are probably aware of
> that option, but I just wanted to mention that you could consider
> switching to mbsync, which (I think) also has better performance than
> offlineimap.  It's a bit annoying to migrate the configuration, but it
> does not require that much time (I made that switch some time ago).

Continuing in OfflineIMAP would have the advantage of not having to
redownload 1.6GB of email, but I thank you for the recommendation.  In
fact, a few minutes ago I have asked for mail fetcher recommendations on
the notmuch mailing list.  I want to hear many recommendations and make
a final decision.  I will take into account yours and any others I
receive in this thread.


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