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efi dual boot issue

From: kevinbanjo
Subject: efi dual boot issue
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2021 13:34:47 -0800

Hi everyone. I'm trying to install a dual boot with windows 10 btrfs root
GuixSD and I have a catch 22 I can't figure out how to resolve:

When I go to generate the system it says that grub-install didn't work (I
can't remember exactly why and I was in console mode so I couldn't
copy/paste the error but the gist of it was that it was because I booted in
bios mode).

I had to go into bios and disable my legacy boot and windows still boots
but I can't boot the GuixSD USB ISO.

It's an HP laptop and when I hit ESC during boot and select boot options it
walks me thru the EFI boot files and I picked both the boot files and it
just returns to the boot menu.

I also tried hard resetting my laptop (unplugging it, pulling out the
battery and holding the power button down for a while) plus booting windows
into recovery mode and letting it try and fix the boot (which probably only
did the windows one as that was the only one that showed up) and still

How do I build an EFI boot if I can't boot GuixSD ISO as EFI?


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