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Re: efi dual boot issue

From: jbranso
Subject: Re: efi dual boot issue
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2021 22:40:39 +0000

January 16, 2021 3:55 PM, "kevinbanjo" <> wrote:

> yeah, well, that's the crux of my problem. I turn off legacy (bios) boot in 
> the bios setup and
> windows still boots just fine but I can no longer boot into the guix ISO. If 
> I hit escape when
> booting I get a file browser asking me to select a file on the ISO to boot 
> from so I browse around
> in its file hierarchy and find the various boot files and hit enter and it 
> just comes right back to
> the file browser.
> So have you heard of anyone having a problem like this, of not being able to 
> boot EFI into the most
> recent ISO?
> -Kevin

Hmmm,  I guess you are probably picking the wrong file to boot from.  What file 
are you
selecting to boot?


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