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Re: packaging a golang package

From: jgart
Subject: Re: packaging a golang package
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2021 03:27:02 +0000

There's also an emacs package by Ryan Prior to help with the tedium of 
packaging go dependencies:

from the README:

Some packages are complex due to a large number of transitive dependencies. I've
found this to be true of software in the golang ecosystem where it's not
uncommon to see 50+ transitive dependencies, and occasionally many more.

guix-packaging provides some facilities to help track progress on complex 

*** Commands

**** ~M-x~ ~guix-packaging-go-mod-to-checklist-dwim~
Turns go module definitions into an org/markdown checklist, suitable to keep
track of packaging progress.

**** ~M-x~ ~guix-packaging-go-mod-to-checkbox~
Replace a single go module definition with a checkbox.

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