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Re: Output all dependencies recursively for package

From: Efraim Flashner
Subject: Re: Output all dependencies recursively for package
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2021 17:30:06 +0200

On Sun, Jan 31, 2021 at 12:59:40PM +0000, Phil wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm looking for a command similar to 'guix show' which will give a packages 
> explicit
> dependencies, recursively.
> Basically something like python's 'pip freeze' for a specific package.
> I know 'guix graph' can do this but the output is much more elaborate
> than I need, also 'guix export' could probably give a very verbose
> output.
> I'm looking for a recursive list of all bar@version given package
> foo?
> Something like:
> guix show --recursive-dependencies foo
> Giving:
> dependencies: bar@version, some-dependency-of-bar@version
> 'guix show' would not list 'some-dependency-of-bar@version' in its
> current form.
> Any ideas?

sounds like one of the options from 'guix refresh' is what you're
looking for:

(ins)efraim@3900XT ~/workspace/guix$ guix refresh --list-transitive python-pip
python-pip@20.2.4 depends on the following 69 packages: gdbm@1.18.1 
sqlite@3.31.1 libxrender@0.9.10 libxft@2.3.3 gperf@3.1 gzip@1.10 bzip2@1.0.8 
unzip@6.0 font-dejavu@2.37 libpng@1.6.37 freetype@2.10.1 tar@1.32 net-base@5.3 
util-linux@2.35.1 fontconfig@2.13.1 tcl@8.6.10 xtrans@1.4.0 xcb-proto@1.14 
libunistring@0.9.10 gettext-minimal@0.20.1 libgpg-error@1.37 libgcrypt@1.8.5 
libxml2@2.9.10 readline@8.0.4 ncurses@6.2 bash@5.0.16 tzdata@2019c expat@2.2.9 
libffi@3.3 perl@5.30.2 openssl@1.1.1f python-minimal@3.8.2 
python-minimal-wrapper@3.8.2 zlib@1.2.11 xz@5.2.4 libxslt@1.1.34 
libpthread-stubs@0.4 libxau@1.0.9 libbsd@0.10.0 libxdmcp@1.1.3 libxcb@1.14 
libx11@1.6.9 pkg-config@0.29.2 util-macros@1.19.2 xorgproto@2019.2 
libxext@1.3.4 tk@8.6.10 python@3.8.2 python-wrapper@3.8.2 tar@1.32 gzip@1.10 
bzip2@1.0.8 xz@5.2.4 file@5.38 diffutils@3.7 patch@2.7.6 findutils@4.7.0 
gawk@5.0.1 sed@4.8 grep@3.4 coreutils@8.32 make@4.3 guile@3.0.2 
bash-minimal@5.0.16 ld-wrapper@0 binutils@2.34 gcc@7.5.0 glibc@2.31 

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