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Re: Appimage: cannot run binary file

From: Christophe Pisteur
Subject: Re: Appimage: cannot run binary file
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2021 15:43:24 +0100
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Le jeudi 11 février 2021 à 15:12 +0100, Sergiu Ivanov a écrit :
> Hi Christophe,
> > I don't understand all the nuances of this discussion (I'm sorry),
> > butit seems to me that the problem is, in the case of the
> > developmentversion of freecad, that the sources are not published
> > regularly. Thesources were last published in 2019 (1), while
> > freecad offers anAppimage almost every week. So building something
> > from the sources ofthe development code doesn't add much value to
> > the stable version. Imust certainly be missing something, so once
> > again sorry.Christophe(1) 
> > "
> > Note:The development binaries are built regularly (You may need to
> > expandthe assets tab) . The release date indicates the beginning of
> > the devcycle. The commits indicates how many commits in the dev
> > cycle. Thesource archives (tar.gz and .zip) do not get updated, so
> > they match thecommit of the tag (34a083b) and are therefore
> > obsolete. You can get thelatest source here: 
> >";
> I don't know or use FreeCAD, but it looks like the source code
> isupdated quite regularly on their GitHub repository:
> The latest changes seem to date back to several hours.
> I'd say these are the sources from which the development binaries
> arebuilt (at least this is what is usually done).
> My understanding of the sentence
> > The source archives (tar.gz and .zip) do not get updated, so
> > theymatch the commit of the tag (34a083b) and are therefore
> > obsolete.
> is that the FreeCAD team don't bother archiving the sources
> bythemselves, given that one can always access the latest versionon
> GitHub.
> -Sergiu

Sorry for the confusion and thank you for the explanation. 

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