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help with packaging a common lisp software

From: cage
Subject: help with packaging a common lisp software
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2021 19:46:20 +0100


I am trying to package this software:

The program is written  in common lisp and it uses  both ASDF to build
the executable image (using SBCL compiler) and GNU autotools (for i18n
files, data files and installation).

I  am  struggling to  make  guix  build the  package,  if  i uses  the
gnu-build-system make  fails because SBCL  complains that it  can not
find ASDF.

But if i switch to asdf-build-system  i can compile the image (but not
the  executable) and  i fail  to  call make  (using `(invoke  "make"))
adding a  phase (i tried to  insert that "make" phase  after or before
several standard phases without luck.

I have no clue, given that i am  a novice both in guix and guile, i am
attaching here the  package definition file hoping  that someone could
give me suggestions to fix the issue.

The  package   define  several  other  libraries   needed,  seems  the
definition for them are working fine.

Bye and thanks in advance.

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