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Re: How to use pip3 libs abcent in guix repo?

From: Jelle Licht
Subject: Re: How to use pip3 libs abcent in guix repo?
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2021 16:45:15 +0100

Hey Znavko,

znavko--- via <> writes:

> Hello, developers and users!
> I wish to use python-binance, ta-lib, python-websocket-client, python-numpy 
> as in this video 
> (
> Guix repository already has python-numpy, python-websocket-client packages, 
> but others abcent.
> How can I use python libs downloading them from web without installation by 
> guix pm?
> Is there proper way to setup python libraries in my system, where to place it 
> and how to link it?

As a python 'noob' who started seriously playing around with it about a
week ago, I might save you some hassle:

It is really, really much easier to work with guix-managed dependencies;
check out the guix pypi importer to see how this can work.

If you do not want do that, for whichever reason, I can recommend using
a virtualenv. Open a guix environment by issuing:

`guix environment --ad-hoc python-pip python-virtualenv python-numpy 
python-websocket-client python'

Note that it is important that the "python" package comes last in this

In the spawned shell, run:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
virtualenv -p python3 my-amazing-venv
source my-amazing-venv/bin/activate
pip3 install python-binance
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

After that, but still in your `guix environment' + `source
my-amazing-venv/bin/activate' shell, you should be able to verify that
you can load up binance:
`python3 -m binance'

It won't complain about not finding the binance module, so in this case,
no output = good news.

Because all of this is a kind of terrible user experience, it might make
sense to string all of this stuff together in a shell script. Again, I'd
like to state that simply getting all of the packages you need packaged
for guix (locally or in guix proper) makes all of this complexity go away.

 - Jelle

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