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Flickering XWayland programs after resume from suspend

From: Sébastien Lerique
Subject: Flickering XWayland programs after resume from suspend
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2021 10:07:19 +0900

Dear all,

I use SDDM and Sway, and since a couple weeks I experience a bug where several programs start flickering after I resume from suspend, to a point that they are unusable. This happens at least on Emacs and Firefox (I admit I haven't tested on IceCat), happens in both Sway and Gnome on Wayland, and does not happen in Gnome on X11. Which makes me think it is related to XWayland.

On Emacs, some select letters (often 'o') are not rendered. Parts of the windows are not refreshed when other parts are updated. Logging out (to SDDM) and back in fixes the issue.

Has anyone been experiencing this? I'm not sure how to start troubleshooting, or what channels to use to explore this. Any help will be much appreciated!


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