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Re: more than one target service shehperd-root / possible scheme records

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: more than one target service shehperd-root / possible scheme records terribleness
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2021 14:06:12 +0100
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raingloom <> writes:

> I have an operating-system called bingobongo. I have another called
> greg that inherits the bingobongo config. If I leave the services field
> empty in greg, there is no issue. If I define it as
> (operating-system-services bingobongo) then all hell breaks loose and I
> get the aforementioned error and no amount of filtering seems to fix it
> becaues then I get the same error but with "profile" instead of
> shepherd-root.

This is not a very clear report.  What filtering leads to a “profile”

> Now, I don't know what causes this, whether it's a Guix issue or
> Guile's record system being... well... kind of terrible

No, Guile’s records are fine.  “Terrible” is a strong word for a wild

The issue here is likely that operating-system-services returns all
services, including those that are added by the operating system
machinery.  Since your new operating system would run that same
machinery to add root services to the graph you’ll end up with some
duplicates.  If this is in fact the case then the fix is to either make
those root services explicit (meh), or to let operating-system-services
return only explicitly listed services, or to add another procedure (or
a keyword argument ot operating-system-services) that lets users specify
the depth of the result set.


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