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Re: Moving /gnu/store safely?

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: Re: Moving /gnu/store safely?
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2021 17:38:13 +0100


Barring unnoticed devils in details your process looks safe. Running ‘guix gc --verify’ is a good idea; add ‘=repair[,contents]’ if you're paranoid.

Phil 写道:
There were some gremlins tho - on restarting Guix the /gnu/store was
seen to grow to approximately double it's size.


    rsync -va /gnu/store /some_other_disk/gnu/

As gremlin's go this one is pretty tame, even cuddly: the Guix daemon deduplicates identical files, and creates hard links instead, saving a good amount of space. That's all.

By default, rsync does not preserve hard links (because of potential pathological performance issues, IIRC). This won't break /gnu/store: indentical files are still identical, they just take up more space.

To preserve them, you can use:

 -H, --hard-links
   This tells rsync to look for hard-linked files in the
   source and link together the corresponding files on the
   destination.  Without this option, hard-linked files in the
   source are treated as though they were separate files.

(I add ’-HAX’ as a matter of habit when making full-system back-ups.)

I noted however that the new /gnu/store was approx double in size - it
looked like it had created new links to represent store items.

No, the links were *lost* and replaced by separate files during rsyncing.

Kind regards,


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