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Re: Custom 'install phase

From: Raghav Gururajan
Subject: Re: Custom 'install phase
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2021 04:35:28 -0500

Hi Ricardo!

The (string-append …) is quoted.  Is this on purpose?


Note that we no longer need to end phases on #t.

Oops, I meed to change that to (list. I now did:

           (replace 'install
             (lambda _
               (for-each (lambda (solution)
                           (with-directory-excursion solution
                                ((assoc-ref copy:%standard-phases 'install)
(list ("src" (string-append "include/" solution)
                                          #:include-regexp ("\\.h$"))))))

I now get Wrong type to apply: "\\.h$"


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