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Re: Question about one package

From: jbranso
Subject: Re: Question about one package
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2021 20:37:11 +0000

March 8, 2021 11:10 AM, "Charles Direg" <> wrote:

> Good morning, to whom it may concern:

So formal.  :)

> First of all, I apologize for using a Gmail email, it happens that I do not
> know any mail server that is free, but, if you could give me any
> recommendation in this regard, I would greatly appreciate it.

There are two that come to mind: and  Both are gratis, but please do consider 
donating to them. Nothing is really gratis.  Someone has to pay for it. :)
Fastmail is a paid email account and I think it charges $3 / month.

> The software that is on this page:
> From my perspective, it is free software, since it is published under the
> GPL, however it is not within the Guix repository, could you add it so that
> it can be available? I'm not so sure how to create the package, so I come
> to you.

That actually looks super cool!  Most guix developers are volunteers.  
software for guix is not super hard (I would know!  I've never done it!).  The 
contributing section of the manual may give you some pointers.

If you'd rather pay someone to package this for you...that is certainly 
I would guess you'd pay $50-$500 for that service.  Can someone else chime in 
How much would you charge to package something for guix?

> And finally, I am a university student, so I am forced to use proprietary
> services under the web such as Google Meet, Gmail, etc. Could it be
> feasible to use guix with these services without compromising freedom, or
> would it be better to continue using Windows for these areas?
> I ask this since Mr. Stallman in some of his conferences mentioned that it
> was better not to register on websites that require registration, however,
> as I insist, I am forced to use those services since my university is
> uncompromising when it comes to using other software other than the one
> they already have.

Almost all things that Windows can do, GNU/Linux can do.  Guix has 
ungoogled-chromium packaged, which would easily run Google Meet, Gmail, etc.  
There may be some specific windows-only programs that you may need to use...
but generally it'll run on Linux too.  Even some windows-only programs will 
run in wine on GNU/Linux.

I personally have an old Android phone.  I want to have a phone that runs 
GNU/Linux, but I haven't bought anything yet.  I also use  My phone
bill is $3/month.  :)
> Best regards, and thank you very much for your kind time, I will be waiting
> attentive to your responses.
> Sincerely:
> ~ Abraham Huerta

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