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Re: Export PDFs in Emacs Org

From: Phil Beadling
Subject: Re: Export PDFs in Emacs Org
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2021 20:33:03 +0000

On Fri, 12 Mar 2021 at 15:57, Ricardo Wurmus <> wrote:

> >Dependent on the needs of your document, though, you will need to
> >install more packages that are not part of the “required” set (even
> >though other distributions may have them installed for convenience).
> >Exactly what those are is a little tricky to find out.  I usually go by
> >error messages and then look up the files it complains about in $(guix
> >build texlive-bin)/share/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb.

Thanks for the hint Ricardo - I've made a lot of headway off this - and I'm
close to having it working properly

I had to use `guix import` for the minted, fvextra, and lineno packages - I
couldn't see anything in Guix itself which would supply these?

The guix import for lineno built correctly but, pdflatex didn't pick it up
the lineno.sty. Finally xstring package couldn't be automatically imported.

So I ended up with the following files in the same directory as my emacs
org and generated tex file

That plus the following in my profile:
   emacs                    27.1
   python                   3.8.2
   python-pygments          2.6.1
   subversion               1.14.0
   texlive-amsfonts         51265
   texlive-base             51265
   texlive-etoolbox         51265
   texlive-fonts-ec         51265
   texlive-generic-ulem     51265
   texlive-latex-capt-of    51265
   texlive-latex-fancyvrb   51265
   texlive-latex-float      51265
   texlive-latex-framed     51265
   texlive-latex-fvextra    1.4
   texlive-latex-hyperref   6.84a2
   texlive-latex-ifplatform 51265
   texlive-latex-lineno     4.41
   texlive-latex-minted     2.5
   texlive-latex-oberdiek   51265
   texlive-latex-upquote    51265
   texlive-latex-wrapfig    51265
   texlive-xcolor           51265

At this point emacs built a PDF, but "with errors", and would refuse to
display it (although Adobe Reader did display it and it looked OK).

Looking at the *Org PDF LaTeX Output* buffer in emacs I see the following
issues, which I assume is what emacs is complaining about:
! Math formula deleted: Insufficient symbol fonts.
! Math formula deleted: Insufficient extension fonts

At a rough guess I would have thought that the amsfonts package might have
convered this - but no TeX expert?

Any ideas on how to resolve this.

Also if anyone has seen the texllive-latext-lineno issue before any ideas
on why the sty file isn't picked after a successful install?


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