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Re: Python, poetry, and pandas

From: Phil
Subject: Re: Python, poetry, and pandas
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2021 11:19:04 +0000
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Sébastien Lerique writes:

> Now my wish is to find ways to collaborate with others on this kind of
> project, who unfortunately often use macOS. I was exploring the
> possibility of Guix on Darwin, but the best way to do that looks like
> running Guix System inside Docker:

I haven't tried with MacOS yet but a few ideas:

- Try using the QEMU image available (or create your own VirtualBox
image - I've tried this and it worked OK).

- If running a full graphical env is too clunky for you could experiment with 
multipass.  I
haven't tried this yet on multipass but I've had some success running
Guix inside WSL2 (very similar to multipass) on Windows using busybox
and these instructions:

It's a bit 'beta', but I use this when I want fast local access to a Guix
environment from a Windows desktop without having
yet-another-foreign-distro (eg Ubuntu-on-WSL) in-between. 

- I'm not expert on this but I suspect you could produce a slimmed down
version of Guix more akin to the WSL experience using the 'guix system
vm-image' command.  Check-out the manual.

Having something that worked with multipass and WSL2 directly on the Guix
website would be extremely useful in drawing a crowd from non-Linux
users!  So this would be a noble endeavour IMHO.  If you get anything
working I'd be very interested.

Of course this isn't substitute for running on Darwin as a foreign
distro, but I'm unaware of any current project to do that.  I suspect
it would be challenging to get package definitions working for substantially
different compiler flags etc, it would almost become a separate project.

It has been discussed tho - follow the links in this post  to see discussions 
on guix-devel too:

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