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paper book(s) on guix use

From: Ralph Randall
Subject: paper book(s) on guix use
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2021 15:31:34 -0700

I am new both to GNU/Linux and to 21st century computers, and I have very
little experience with any graphic user interface.  GUIs are often said to
be "intuitive", but I never found them so.  But I think I will soon need to
use Gnome and/or Mate.
   I am also a beginner at internet/web access, depending so far on a cell
phone.  I've been searching the web for a physical book on how to use
Guix.   I have yet found only one such book, through the web:  "Mastering
Gnome", by Bryan Pfaffenberger.  Can anyone steer me to any others?

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