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Re: About packaging documentation

From: Zelphir Kaltstahl
Subject: Re: About packaging documentation
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2021 20:27:05 +0100
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Hello Ricardo!

On 3/15/21 4:43 PM, Ricardo Wurmus wrote:
> Hi Zelphir,
>> is a good
>> start. It has even got cookbook in the name. Definitely the right idea to
>> complement the general documentation. I am aware of its existence.
>> Unfortunately, I could not get the basic approach of the "Hello World 
>> package"
>> working for my package, even though it is pure guile, no other library 
>> required
>> and no FFI or anything. I would have preferred not having to go through all 
>> the
>> autotools stuff, and to have this simple way working for my package. Perhaps 
>> I
>> did something slightly wrong. I do not know. Someone mentioned on the guile 
>> user
>> mailing list, that this is all that should be needed for a pure guile 
>> package.
>> Perhaps it can be updated?
> Could you share the code you’re trying to package?  Perhaps it will
> become clearer to us what you would like to see changed in the cookbook
> — and perhaps it will become clearer to you how packaging for Guix works.

Yes, I'll link it:


Why not the latest version? Because I have made many changes to the repository
(not so much or none to the actual code though), to make a package using 

I don't exactly remember the error I got, but I could try that route again and

Best regards,


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