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Something like nixos-infect?

From: ilmu
Subject: Something like nixos-infect?
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2021 18:10:11 +0000

Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of moving to guix with all my systems and I'm trying to 
start with the “cloud”.

While I have some experience with nixos, and linux more generally, I tend to be 
a bit helpless with some problems.. especially when I'm getting started.

As a starting point I copied something that was suggested to me in the guix 
telegram group ( but I wasn't able to get it to work (although I 
didn't try very hard yet - I'm not fully moved in and my physical computer 
setup is not great for the time being).

This is what I have:

The reason I'm posting this here is twofold:
- maybe someone already has a solution they can share
- maybe someone would also like to have something like this and appreciates the 
starting point

I will gradually figure this out over the coming months and end up with a 
situation where that repo works and a short google-able blog post with 
instructions (maybe by using nixos-infect as my base rather than this 
hostile-takeover script I inherited).

Thank you all for your hard work, looking forward to working with you in the 

Kind regards,
- ilmu

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