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Re: Something like nixos-infect?

From: Tim Lee
Subject: Re: Something like nixos-infect?
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2021 05:41:21 +0800

> Something like nixos-infect?

It looks like there is something named "guix-infect":

Perhaps the blog article about 'guix deploy' would help you:

I think nix-infect will become less relevant in the future because
nixos-generators ( is
able to generate custom images for many cloud service providers. Instead
of overwriting an exiting system with NixOS, the custom images boot
directly into NixOS.

It seems that something like nixos-generators is possible in Guix:
* "Hosting a blog using only Scheme"
* "Re: Easy DigitalOcean setup?"
  See the attached do-conf.scm file in that reply.

It seems that Guix suffers from the lack of documentation in this area
(installing and deploying on the cloud).

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