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Re: Two more computers unable to start X with GDM

From: Bone Baboon
Subject: Re: Two more computers unable to start X with GDM
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2021 10:39:14 -0400

Yasuaki Kudo writes:

> My apologies if this has been already tried but I personally always
> use regular Linux with black magic binary drivers unacceptable to
> plain Guix distribution. πŸ˜… 
> My AMD (both CPU and Graphics card) computer's visuals will freeze
> without the modification of the settings to avoid LibreLinux that
> comes standard with Guix. 
> Recent AMD video cards appear to have out of the box native drivers
> built into the Linux Kernel - that's why replaced Nvidia with AMD πŸ˜„.
> I have a stress-free graphics environment using Guix OS and Regular
> Linux.  (There was text terminal latency issues with X11 so I use
> Wayland - it has its limitations and bugs but works better for meπŸ˜„

Thank you for your suggestion.

Switching from Linux-libre to Linux with Guix would be a last resort for
me.  The deblobbed Linux-libre kernel was one of the key features that
attracted me to Guix.

I would be more inclined to try to make one of these work first:
- Gentoo with a deblobbed kernel
- OpenBSD (has no binary blobs)
- Devuan testing (I think they have a deblobbed kernel)

However I still want to make Guix with Linux-libre work as Guix has
other features that I like that Gentoo, OpenBSD and Devuan do not have. 

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