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Re: freecad 19.1 / flatpak

From: Ekaitz Zarraga
Subject: Re: freecad 19.1 / flatpak
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2021 19:21:51 +0000

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On Saturday, April 3, 2021 9:10 PM, Christophe Pisteur 
<> wrote:

> Yes, there is a reason: ignorance, incompetence, idleness ;-)

Don't be so hard on yourself.

> More seriously: I have no computer skills, I just know how to do: guix 
> package -i freecad...
> it seems to me to be very far from what would allow me to start from the 
> current definition package
> to make a freecad 19.1 package. Isn't it?

At the moment we have the 18.5 version of freecad available.
Surprising or not, I was the guy who updated it to that version (and fixed the 
package because it wasn't even working) and I have bad news for you.
Freecad is very hard to compile. It has tons of dependencies and all of them 
require special effort (some are broken, have broken compilation tools...).
Maybe they changed that in the new version but... I don't think so.
I spent a hella lot of time trying to fix it.
I will take a look to the Nix package and try to convert it to Guix but it will 
take time.

If anyone is interested on taking a look...

> That said, why not give it a try if someone has the patience to answer the
> countless questions I'm sure to have... with no guarantee of success.
> See if the collective effort is worth it.

I can (try to) answer every single question you have so please, don't be shy.


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