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Re: (No Subject)

From: Jonathan McHugh
Subject: Re: (No Subject)
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2021 19:08:43 +0200

I thought it was my WM that was making my laptop buckle under heavy

This feels like an agony aunt type problem - like managing mould or a
broken heart.

Thanks for giving me an angle for troubleshooting my machine

Joshua Branson <> writes:

> Ricardo Wurmus <> writes:
>> Joshua Branson <> writes:
>>> I personally do not use libreboot (I use the nonfree fork), because
>>> under intense load, my T400 crashes.  Using the nonfree fork of
>>> libreboot, my T400 does not crash under heavy load.
>> I’m a little confused about “nonfree fork”.  Coreboot is free software,
>> though it may include binary blobs when flashing the firmware.  It’s
>> also not a fork of libreboot.  osboot is a variant of libreboot, but it
> Ahhh... I thought it was improper to mention osboot.  That's what I
> use.  osboot also bundles non-free cpu updates, which makes my laptop
> not crash under heavy load.
>> also is free software.

Jonathan McHugh

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