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Re: Build docker image

From: Bone Baboon
Subject: Re: Build docker image
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2021 23:27:56 -0400

David Dashyan writes:
> It is not 100% clear from your message how do you want to build a docker
> image.  I'm assuming that you want to use standard docker tooling and
> you want to have docker daemon on YOUR system.  Correct me I'm wrong
> here.

Yes that is correct `docker build -t <tag> .` with a local docker

> Dockder service is one of the services that extends
> shepherd-root-service-type.  They form dependency graph which is
> different from extension graph you might have red in guix manual.  Each
> shepherd service has "provision" field that defines list of simbols that
> it provides and "requirement" field (defaulting to '()) that defines
> which services it requeres to run.  Shepherd uses this information to
> spawn services in right order.  But in your case procedure
> assert-valid-graph (found in guix) warned you that graph is invalid
> instead of producing shepherd configuration that will fail when you will
> boot.

This is a nice feature.

> So. You need a service that provisionts 'networking!

It seems odd that a service does not take care of services it needs.
It makes me think of a package that does not include the dependencies it
needs to run.

> You should probably just use %desktop-services service list like so in
> your config. It contains bunch of services you normaly need including
> network-manager-service.
> (operating-system
>   ...
>   (services
>    (append
>     (list
>      ;; list of your services goes here
>      (service xfce-desktop-service-type) ;; your wm of choice
>      (service docker-service-type)) ;; docker daemon
>     %desktop-services)))

Thank you for this suggestion.  There is a lot in %desktop-services that
I do not need on my system.  I am also trying to explicitly state
imports so that I can learn more about the parts of the Guix repository
I am using.

> Note also that you dont need to add packages to system configuration to
> use them.  You could just install it for your user profile.

Thank you for pointing this out.

> But there are other ways to build docker images on guix like
> guix system vm docker-image yourconf.scm
> or
> guix pack -f docker -S /bin=bin
> Check out info manual for these comands in guix if you havent yet :)

I am aware of these features and plan to explore them.

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