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Re: Freenode sasl authentication error rcirc

From: Bone Baboon
Subject: Re: Freenode sasl authentication error rcirc
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2021 20:17:15 -0400

Thank you

Tobias Geerinckx-Rice writes:
> Unless you can obtain a new IP that isn't part of these ‘high-risk
> ranges’, or connect through a bouncer elsewhere, you *need* to set 
> up SASL.  How that's done differs per client.

> Simply installing some packages won't cut it.  You need to actually
> register your nickname and configure your client to log you in using

I have registered an account with Freenode.  I will try to setup an
Emacs IRC client with SASL or CertFP for that account.

Searching and emacs-tw/awesome-emacs on GitHub for irc I find:

- ERC (included with Emacs)
-- on #erc I was told
--- ERC does not currently support SASL but it is being worked on
--- ERC will support CertFP when Emacs 28 is released

- rcirc (included with Emacs)
-- no matches when searching for SASL or CertFP in the rcirc info

> I briefly looked for rcirc how-tos but found none.  The manual[0]
> doesn't mention SASL at all. 

- Riece
-- Riece's documentation does not mention of SASL or CertFP

- Circe
-- Circe's readme shows support for SASL and CertFP

I asked on #freenode if CertFP would work as an alternative to SASL and was 
told that it would.

I am going to try to get Circe connecting to Freenode using SASL or CertFP.

What Emacs IRC client's are people able to successfully connect to Freenode 
with using SASL or CertFP?

Are there other Emacs IRC clients that I should look into?

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