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Re: IntelliJ IDEA - Community Edition

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: IntelliJ IDEA - Community Edition
Date: Sun, 09 May 2021 23:36:58 -0400
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It looks like the ant script is simply calling gradle, which comes bundled most 
of the time, in the form of a gradlew script. Gradle is not yet packaged in 
guix, and there is no gradle-build-system yet, so it's going to be a very 
difficult journey. If you are motivated, I can provide help and guidance.

Note that Kotlin doesn't depend on Scala, but gradle does. Kotlin is written in 
Kotlin, and building it in a bootstrapped way remains an open problem.

I have a few pointers for Scala, Kotlin and Gradle if you're interested.

Le 9 mai 2021 15:27:00 GMT-04:00, "Björn Höfling" 
<> a écrit :
>On Sun, 9 May 2021 15:00:32 -0400
>Raghav Gururajan <> wrote:
>> Hello Guix,
>> I am trying to package IDEA, which is an IDE for JVM.
>> This is the first time I am dealing with java and ant-build-system.
>> I was able to do some tinkering to get the build phase started, but
>> it fails at the beginning with the following error:
>> "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not
>> create parent directory for lock file 
>> I have attached the diff file with this email.
>> Thoughts?
>Not sure exactly what's the problem here. If you like to get more
>infos, you can also try to build it with ant options -verbose or
>-debug. Either in the Guix build or from the command line in a Guix
>In any ways, IntelliJ will be hard to impossible to get it into Guix
>proper, because it will download many dependencies as binaries. You
>will first need to find out how to build them from source. It will use
>Kotlin, and Kotlin at some point will use Scala. Scala needs a

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