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Find location of installed package in /gnu/store

From: Phil Beadling
Subject: Find location of installed package in /gnu/store
Date: Sat, 15 May 2021 03:28:01 +0100


Given a package definition, eg icedtea-8's JDK, how can can I determine the
location of the installed package in my /gnu/store?

There doesn't seem to be anything on the package module itself, presumably
because this is static data, and what I need is something to calculate the
hash of the resulting install specific to my Guix?

scheme@(guix-user) [3]> (package-outputs icedtea-8)
$8 = ("out" "jdk" "doc")
scheme@(guix-user) [3]>

I'd like to return this location using the package name or definition as an

The aim is to use this to derivive the JDK include directories in a generic
way for some scripts I'm writing, such that I don't need to update them
each time the JDK hash changes after a guix pull.


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