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Re: `guix pull` of an ssh channel fails

From: Phil
Subject: Re: `guix pull` of an ssh channel fails
Date: Sat, 15 May 2021 08:07:42 +0100
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Bone Baboon writes:

> It also looks like there is no problem with Git.  I can clone the
> channel `git clone
> ssh://<user>@<ip-address>:22/absolute/path/to/<git-repo>/`.  Where
> <user> is the user in the output of `ls -l <git-repo>`.

Interesting - I only have one other suggestion - given "git clone" is
working on its own from the same console session as guix is failing.

When you "git clone" and when you "guix pull", I would change the
LogLevel on the ssh config to force verbose logging.  Check that the
same method of authentication is being using in both cases (i.e the
agent and not the id_rsa files).  My theory here is that "git clone" is
using your id_rsa file which is working, and for some reason the
ssh-agent is failing for guix.  This is total speculation on my behalf
of course.

Another cruder way to test this is to move your private key out of your .ssh
directory so ssh doesn't find it by default.  Then manually add it to
your agent.  This should ensure that only the agent will be used by
ssh.  Does the git clone still work?

Apart from this I'm out of ideas I'm afraid.

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