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Using bootstrap seeds write package definitions

From: c4droid
Subject: Using bootstrap seeds write package definitions
Date: Sun, 16 May 2021 10:50:36 +0800

Hello guix!
I was using the Linux From Scratch for a while as my mainly linux distro, use 
soft link as package management. when I heard guix, I think I found solution 
for my LFS package management. I tried guix and guix system few month, Is time 
for switch my LFS package manager to guix.
When I watched the manual talk about bootstrapping guix, I don't know how to 
writing some package definitions with bootstrap-seeds, I was searching on the 
google and ask questions on irc, because building the LFS, want build the cross 
toolchain (stage 1) then build final system (stage 2), last is kernel and 
initramfs (stage 3). after that is build Beyond LFS (stage 4). I stuck with 
using bootstrap seeds writing stage 1 package definitions. So I ask for help on 
community, because the power of community is great. :)
p.s.: Sorry for my poor english
Best reguards

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