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Re: Why is gfortran at 7.5.0?

From: Todor Kondić
Subject: Re: Why is gfortran at 7.5.0?
Date: Wed, 19 May 2021 09:35:21 +0000

On Tuesday, May 18, 2021 5:58 PM, Efraim Flashner <> wrote:

> On Tue, May 18, 2021 at 03:01:49PM +0000, Todor Kondić wrote:
> > Is there any particular reason gfortran toolchain is on v7.5.0 ? I see that 
> > gcc advanced to v11.
> We used to provide a number of gfortran packages but we discovered that
> they don't play nicely with packages built with other versions. We
> decided to keep gfortran at the same version as the default gcc version,
> although I don't remember why exactly.
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Hi Efraim,

Thanks for clarification.

Well, it is a shame new versions of GFortran are not supported. This probably 
means that new hardware is not that well supported (not to mention tracking 
Fortran standards development).

Based on the practices Guix follows for other gcc versions, I came up with a 
package definition for fortran v9. Pasting it below in case someone needs it in 
future. It builds and installs fine, though I get warnings that collisions are 
detected for ld. Is this something to be concerned about? Normally, I'd make a 
guix environment or a profile which I'd populate with the same version of gcc 
and fortran toolchain, so I guess that would fix the warnings.

I won't post the package definition to patches mailing list because,
a) the package is trivial (thanks to previous work)
b) which compilers you decide to have included is probably a system level 

### Fortran v9.3.0

(use-modules (guix packages)
             (guix inferior)
             (guix channels)
             (guix profiles)
             (guix utils)
             (guix build-system gnu)
             (gnu packages commencement)
             (gnu packages)
             (gnu packages gcc)

             (srfi srfi-1))

(define %generic-search-paths
  ;; This is the language-neutral search path for GCC.  Entries in $CPATH are
  ;; not considered "system headers", which means GCC can raise warnings for
  ;; issues in those headers.  'CPATH' is the only one that works for
  ;; front-ends not in the C family.
  (list (search-path-specification
         (variable "CPATH")
         (files '("include")))
         (variable "LIBRARY_PATH")
         (files '("lib" "lib64")))))
(define* (custom-gcc gcc name languages
                     (search-paths (package-native-search-paths gcc))
                     #:key (separate-lib-output? #t))
  "Return a custom version of GCC that supports LANGUAGES.  Use SEARCH-PATHS
as the 'native-search-paths' field."
  (package (inherit gcc)
    (name name)
    (outputs (if separate-lib-output?
                 (package-outputs gcc)
                 (delete "lib" (package-outputs gcc))))
    (native-search-paths search-paths)
    (properties (alist-delete 'hidden? (package-properties gcc)))
     (substitute-keyword-arguments (package-arguments gcc)
       ((#:modules modules %gnu-build-system-modules)
          (srfi srfi-1)
          (srfi srfi-26)
          (ice-9 regex)))
       ((#:configure-flags flags)
        `(cons (string-append "--enable-languages="
                              ,(string-join languages ","))
               (remove (cut string-match "--enable-languages.*" <>)
       ((#:phases phases)
        `(modify-phases ,phases
           (add-after 'install 'remove-broken-or-conflicting-files
             (lambda* (#:key outputs #:allow-other-keys)
               (for-each delete-file
                         (find-files (string-append (assoc-ref outputs "out") 

(define-public gfortran-9
   (custom-gcc (package
                 (inherit gcc-9)
                 ;; XXX: Remove LIBSTDC++-HEADERS from the inputs just to
                 ;; avoid a rebuild of all the GFORTRAN dependents.
                 ;; TODO: Remove this hack on the next rebuild cycle.
                 (inputs (alist-delete "libstdc++" (package-inputs gcc-9))))
               "gfortran" '("fortran")

;;; Try to make a more up-to-date gfortran package.
(define-public my-gfortran-toolchain
  (package (inherit (make-gcc-toolchain gfortran-9))
    (synopsis "Complete GCC tool chain for Fortran development")
    (description "This package provides a complete GCC tool chain for
Fortran development to be installed in user profiles.  This includes
gfortran, as well as libc (headers and binaries, plus debugging symbols
in the @code{debug} output), and binutils.")))



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