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Re: Pack busybox using guix, but make check have fail tests

From: c4droid
Subject: Re: Pack busybox using guix, but make check have fail tests
Date: Mon, 24 May 2021 15:45:29 +0800
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Hi, Joshua!

Joshua Branson writes:

> c4droid <> writes:
>> Hi,
>> I'm working on the using busybox to provide the guix bootstrap recipes
>> for my building Linux From Scratch system using GNU Guix projects. when
>> I pack the busybox using guix, I copy the original package definitions
>> from gnu/packages/busybox.scm, I add enable-static-link build phases to
>> make busybox static linked. At building test, guix can build busybox
>> perfectly, but at running test suites, I got test failed about mdev
>> components, I check guix original package definitions for busybox, build
>> it, mdev test suites is skipped, I don't know how to skip the mdev test
>> suites, hope get some guidence for skip the mdev test suites, thanks. :)
>> My busybox package definitions is at 
> AWESOME!  Thanks for working on this!  Best of luck!
> I am commenting just because.  I'm a guix contributor not a developer,
> so please take my words with a grain of salt.  :)
> I believe that busybox has a more permissive license than coreutils?  Is
> that true?   I think I heard rms suggest that one should develop for
> coreutils more than busybox.  Someone please correct me if I am mistaken
> in some way.

Busybox takes the GPL 2 license, coreutils takes GPL3+

You may right, in other hands, my learning linux kernel development lab
need static linked busybox too, for create initramfs in test the kernel
modules proposes. Maybe have a better options, other solutions are

And, I want my bootstrap recipes even smaller, by busybox with mescc
combinations. I think for a while, the busybox take many UNIX utililies
in one single executables, even the coreutils, that fits my expects.

But the way, thanks for your words and the grains of salt and thank you
for affirming my work. :)

> Anyway, great job!  And best of luck!

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