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Re: Shebang and python packages

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: Re: Shebang and python packages
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2021 00:50:03 +0200


Phil 写道:
As I understand it, as python is not propagated there is no
guarantee that the version of python will be persisted in the store for
the lifetime of the profile containing (just) the python app?

Inputs are used when *building* things, not to manage their outputs (artefacts) once installed to the store.

References, not inputs, are how Guix automatically keeps track of which installed store items are live and which ones can be safely garbage-collected.

A reference just means the string "/gnu/store/…-foo" occurs anywhere in "/gnu/store/…-bar". A patched shebang would be such a reference, so Guix knows your application uses Python because /gnu/store/…-yourapp-a.b.c contains references to /gnu/store/…-python-x.y.z.

Propagated-inputs are a hack that says as much as ‘when the user installs package A, pretend like they also asked to install package B in the same profile’. That is *not* a good thing! It's a work-around for broken packages and packages that would be far too much work to package in a more Guixy way. Propagation causes all sorts of problems and makes profiles more fragile. Avoid it.

Have I misunderstood this?

I think so, or maybe I'm misunderstanding your problem. Have you observed a problem?

Kind regards,


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