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partition table on guix system

From: christophe . pisteur
Subject: partition table on guix system
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2021 17:31:13 +0000

I am trying to install guix system 1.3 on a lenovo t400 (libreboot) and I have a problem with the manual partition table during the installation. I want an encrypted /home on a separate sata drive and the rest on the / partition (no encryption). But the installer fails when formatting and I don't understand the error message.

Here is the partition table I made:

ATA ... /dev/sda 128 GB msdos
1. normal 8GB linux-swap (v1)
2. normal 120GB ext4 boot/ -> bootable: yes, encrypton: no

ATA .... /dev/sdb 1000GB msdos
1. normal 1000GB ext4 /home crypthome

When I confirm the table, the installer asks me for the key to encrypt, then starts to format, then aborts with a error message and starts again at the beginning of the installation process.

where is the error I made?

Thanks for your help


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