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Re: Second screen - DisplayPort

From: amuza
Subject: Re: Second screen - DisplayPort
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2021 00:24:43 +0200

Joshua Branson:
amuza <> writes:


I'm new to Guix system, yesterday I installed it for the first time. I
installed it with i3 and Mate.

I would like to use my second monitor, but its DisplayPort connection is
not recognized by xrandr. xrandr only shows my own laptop's screen.

If I connect my second monitor through VGA, xrandr does detect that VGA

The DisplayPort connection worked fine with Trisquel, I could use my
second monitor, so I guess it's not an issue on software Freedom.

I wish I knew how to help...What's the main difference between HDMI and
display port?  Does display port allow one to send video and audio down
the wire?

I don't now if DisplayPort sends audio.

Any suggestion on how to make Guix detect my DisplayPort-connected monitor?

I guess there must be a way if it works in Trisquel.

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