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Re: Blender freezes i3wm

From: Chris Lemmer-Webber
Subject: Re: Blender freezes i3wm
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2021 14:32:51 -0400
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Spoke too soon, unfortunately. :\

My whole desktop still crashed after some period of use.  However, let
me give some better news...  the patch I linked is not yet in the latest
version of Blender we ship.  So this can probably be fixed either by
upgrading Blender or, should that be annoying to do temporarily, by
backporting this patch, which merges quite cleanly.

Chris Lemmer-Webber writes:

> I've had the same issue.  I think for me at least, here's the relevant
> issue:
> Apparently if someone encounters other issues with their card, these
> need to be added "on a case per case basis"
> However adding new cards doesn't look too hard.
> Not sure if this is too helpful to anyone but I suspect this might keep
> happening with intel cards as they roll out.
> Ekaitz Zarraga writes:
>> Weirdly enough, yesterday I sculpted for 2h in a row and everything
>> went well.
>> After that, I opened the model I worked on and it freezed my screen
>> again, but this time some buttons of other screens started to appear
>> on top of the frozen window.
>> Very weird.
>> Anyway, this looks like it's impossible to debug so I'm going to act
>> as it didn't happen.

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